Timber Preservation Testing Service

The IVS/Hill Laboratories Timber Preservation Testing Service has been developed to provide accurate and rapid test results for timber treatment providers. 

It delivers:

  1. An independent, testing programme to provide accurate timber treatment analysis.
  2. Fast Turnaround.  A six day maximum return on testing results will minimise disruption to your process supply chain enabling the treatment plant operator to identify and address issues quickly
  3. Risk Calculation - IVS provides a risk calculation which measures the probability of the timber treatment falling below the minimum Hazard Class requirement using timber sample variability and average treatment retention results timber density data from tested samples and average retention results, we assist you to calculate the probability that timber will fall below the minimum retention required
  4. Test Validation data – through repeat testing of individual samples and reviewing variability with a set of 10 samples, Hill Laboratories have calculated the analysis variability (laboratory testing precision), along with the variance within a sample set. This information is available on request.
  5. Better Reporting.  IVS/Hill Laboratories reports will provide you with clear and quantitative data showing the retention and penetration achieved for each sample checked.  The analysis report provides a graphical representation of results including:
    * Mass / Mass result for active chemicals analysed
    * Preservative Penetration
    * Variables / Trends
    * Historical data
    * Risk calculation; we can calculate the probability of timber falling below the minimum retention required

For more information about Timber Preservation Testing visit the Hill Laboratories website


Timber Preservation Quality Assurance Programme

IVS also offers a full Quality Assurance Programme.  The IVS Timber Preservation Quality Assurance Programme has been developed to meet industry best practice for timber treatment and the requirements of the New Zealand Preservation Standard NZS 3640.  read more


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