IVS Quality Assurance Programme

The IVS Quality Assurance programme for timber preservation is designed to:

  • Provide confidence to treaters, regulatory authorities and consumers that product supplied by treaters participating in the programme, meets relevant standards (AS1604 series as applicable).
  • Provide an integrated Quality Assurance audit and timber testing service through our partnership with accredited laboratories.
  • Continually draw on technical expertise of industry specialists to ensure the programme is technically robust and fit for purpose.

Programme Benefits:

  1. Provides treaters and consumers confidence that treated timber is fit-for end use purpose and meets the requirements of Australian standards.
  2. Working with independent accredited audit body that understands the timber industry.
  3. Provision of world class laboratory services for assessment of product treatment as an integrated part of the quality assurance programme.
  4. Access to promotional material and quality assurance branding to differentiate your product.

Quality Assurance Service Outline:

  1. For approval under the IVS programme, timber treatment plants are required to demonstrate product is
    produced within the scope of a documented quality assurance system. The format and detail of this is not
    prescribed but as a minimum must meet the requirements of the IVS programme documents. These include:
    • Referencing appropriate treatment standards
    • Product identification and traceability
    • Plant operating procedures
    • Process control including treatment solution management
    • Treatment output monitoring including validated charge sheets and sampling plans
    • Management of treatment failure and corrective action
    • Submission of reports as defined in the programme
    • Maintenance of records
    • Branding
    • Staff competency
    • Equipment calibration.
  2. Preparation:
    • IVS will provide a template manual to assist in documenting procedures - (client to provide own content)
    • Templates for reports required by the system are also available.
  3. Treatment plant/outputs are be subject to an initial evaluation - upon meeting these requirements the plant is then approved.
  4. Upon approval, treatment plants are subject to twice yearly audits and, once approved, audits independently verify that product treated meets the specifications required by the standards.
    Allowance is made for additional audits - should confidence be lost in the treatment plants ability to maintain outputs consistent with requirements of the relevant standards.
  5. Audit on the treatment plant system, places emphasis on:
    • Assessing relevance
    • Confirming staff competency and overall treatment processes.
  6. Random on site sampling is undertaken to assess outputs during audits. Approved sampling plan includes:
    • Laboratory analysis and ongoing in-house sampling testing
    • Submission of samples for analysis as prescribed.
  7. Reporting:
    • Audit reports are provided within one week of auditing
    • Sampling/testing results are available within 5 days of audit
    • Detailed information on product verification – including IVS summary report, graphics and laboratory reports.
  8. The programme allows for sanction including:
    • Greater audit frequency
    • Higher laboratory testing frequencies (risk based until issues addressed)
    • Possible withdrawal of use of verification marks for plant or specific treatments.

Testing Service Outline:

  1. As an integral part of the quality assurance scheme, IVS in collaboration with partner laboratories offers a full timber preservation testing service covering most wood preservatives commonly used. These currently include
    • CCA, Boron, Azoles, Permethrin, Bifenthrin, Cu Azole, ACQ as well as reporting on moisture content and wood density on request.
    • Spot testing for heartwood sapwood determination, penetration as well as laboratory analysis for retention are offered, reported and costed within the overall testing package.
  2. Product is tested against applicable product standards - IVS testing staff experienced in the interpretation of the AS and AS/NZS 1604 series of standards.
  3. For submitting samples to IVS for further testing, IVS provides:
    • Access to the IVS online timber testing portal - facilitating submission, tracking testing progress and providing real time reporting of results.
    • Turn-around time of 4 days from receipt of samples is achieved. Accelerated turn around may be requested
    • at an additional charge
    • Testing reports are detailed and provide graphical representation of results
    • Online reporting allows clients to download data for internal manipulation and analysis.
  4. Easy to use courier service including:
    • Packaging, pre-addressed bags/boxes and required documentation for laboratory submissions.

Proposal Guidelines:

The quality assurance and timber testing package provided by IVS, is customized to meet individual client’s needs
and incorporates the following:

  1. Programme documents.
  2. A template to assist with the development of manuals to meet the programme requirements. Additional reporting templates are also available.
  3. Support to assist client’s with the development and to prepare for an evaluation audit of plant manuals.
  4. Detailed review of treatment plant manuals before on site evaluation.
  5. An evaluation audit at the site upon completion of manuals. This will assess compliance to IVS programme requirements. On successful completion of this audit, the treatment plant is formally accepted onto the programme.
  6. From approval date the treatment plant will participate in the IVS audit and timber testing programme.
  7. Detailed and relevant audit reporting and ongoing feedback/reporting on audit and testing outcomes.
  8. Access to the IVS online timber testing portal.
  9. Access to IVS QA branding.
  10. Confidential pricing and terms of trade will be provided.

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