Timber Preservation Quality Assurance Programme

The IVS Timber Preservation Quality Assurance Programme has been developed to meet industry best practice for timber treatment and the requirements of the New Zealand Preservation Standard NZS 3640

It delivers:

  1. An independent quality assurance programme to ensure preservative treated timber can be used with confidence and will meet the expected levels of durability and product safety
  2. Fast Turnaround. A six day maximum return on testing results will minimise disruption to your process supply chain Enabling the treatment plant operator to identify and address issues quickly and avoid over-treatment of product
  3. Risk Calculation IVS provides a risk calculation to assist you with determining the level of non conforming (re-treated) product acceptable to your organisation. Using timber density data from tested samples and average retention results, we assist you to calculate the probability that timber will fall below the minimum retention required
  4. Accurate and reliable results ensuring your treatment meets the requirements of NZS3640, reducing the need to ‘over’ treat your timber
  5. Better Reporting.  IVS reports will provide you with clear and quantitative data showing the retention and penetration achieved for each sample checked
    The analysis report provides a graphical representation of results including:
    * Mass / Mass result for chemicals actives analysed
    * Preservative Penetration
    * Variables / Trends
    * Historical data
    * Risk calculation; we can calculate the probability of timber falling below the minimum retention required

“The partnership between IVS and Hill Laboratories brings together two organisations of sound reputation. Their combined commitment to a fast turnaround time of accurate analytical results provides timber treatment companies not only an independent verification of their quality systems; but also the ability to fine tune their preservative treatment operations. This saves time, money, minimises wastage, without compromising on the quality and durability of their timber.”  

Jeanette Drysdale, Wood Protection Consultant

A partnership with Hill Laboratories

IVS has partnered with Hill Laboratories to produce a comprehensive Timber Preservation Quality Assurance Programme.

Hill Laboratories have worked closely with IVS to provide its customers with a testing programme designed specifically to meet the requirements of the Timber Preservative Assurance Programme.

Using state of the the art ICPMS and LCMS testing equipment, Hill Laboratories minimises the risk of sample interferences that could distort the testing results.

Hill Laboratories is New Zealand’s leading analytical testing laboratory supplying a broad range of services to customers throughout New Zealand and the world 

Use of IVS Quality Assurance mark

Participation in the Timber Preservation Quality Assurance Programme will allow the use of the IVS Quality Assurance mark. This Quality Assurance mark provides a visual confirmation that the treated timber has been produced under a quality system that has been independently audited to meet the requirements of the Timber Treatment Standards.

Approved Handler Certification

IVS can assist you with your Approved Handler Test Certification requirements for staff using timber treatment preservatives and anti sap-stain chemicals. Training is also available on the HSNO Act and Controls to meet the Approved Handlers of timber treatment preservatives and anti sap-stain chemicals requirements.  Please get in touch for more information

Bundled Audits and Good Advice

Talk to IVS.  IVS can streamline the process through bundled audits for both your export certification requirements and the Timber Preservation Programme; saving time, money and providing increased efficiencies for your business.

IVS is an accredited inspection body providing credible and robust quality assurance programmes and verification services to the forestry industry.  We have a specialist team of forestry auditors who understand wood processing, to give you technical support and advice when you need it.

Timber Testing Services

IVS also offers a Timber Preservation Testing Service through Hill Laboratories which provides accurate and rapid test results for timber treatment providers.  read more

Get in touch

To discuss your requirements in more detail and for further technical information about the Timber Preservation Testing Service, please get in touch;