Low Risk Container Inspection

Do you only bring in a few low risk containers a year?

Join the IVS multi-location group and let IVS deal with all the MPI (formally MAF) requirements.

What it means to you:

  • You don't need staff holding Approved Operator and Accredited Persons Certification
  • No annual MPI registration fee
  • You are not audited by MPI (note: IVS maybe audited whilst working on your site, however this is our cost not yours)
  • No longer have to manage the Documentation Manuals
  • No longer have to manage contaminants (IVS will dispose of these as part of the service)
  • Serious cost savings to be made

What you get:

  • IVS complete a site check to ensure you have a concrete or tarmac hard stand to place the container on (and that's all you need)
  • On-site container and goods inspection (booking by appointment)
  • Reporting to MPI
  • Basically, IVS manage all MPI requirements, formally required to operate an approved Transitional Facility
  • History available relating to previously cleared containers, date, contents if required

What it costs:

  • Not much ... contact IVS for a quote

Steps required for membership and initial inspection:

  1. Information Pack sent out for completion
  2. Once returned Initial Site Inspection arranged
  3. Initial Inspection completed and sent to MPI
  4. IVS manages approval
  5. Membership completed

You can now unpack your containers onsite with the IVS approved system.

Have imported containers delivered to your premises without the hassle of gaining your MPI approval.

All you need is a suitable hard surfaced area - IVS looks after everything else.

What you need to do:

Very little... call or email us and we will send you an information pack which sets out your responsibilities and includes a contract for service.
Freephone: 0800 021 169.
Email: mtf@ivsltd.co.nz

We do the rest, we tell MPI your site is included within our multi-location approval. They add it into the Joint Border Management System (JBMS) and then when the container arrives it is directed straight to your premises.

Our approved person will check the outside of the container for contaminants, check the goods as they are removed and upon completion inspect and sweep the inside of the container.

We will check the goods as they are removed and then upon completion inspect and sweep the inside of the container.

And that’s it.

We do all the reporting to MPI and you get on with what you do best, running your business.

Steps required for IVS Inspection Services clearance of containers:

  1. Contact IVS to arrange an appointment
  2. CDO received advising of container arrival
  3. Arrangements for inspection date and time with IVS
  4. IVS staff inspect container and contents
  5. IVS reports to MPI