Transitional Facility Signage

All Transitional Facilities must have clear and visible signage, as specified by MPI in the General Transitional Facilities (TFGEN) Standard. Your facility may require two types of signage:

  1. Transitional Facility Signs are mandatory, advising all people on site of the premises status as an Approved Transitional Facility
  2. Caution Signs may be required to identify areas reserved for uncleared goods or for marking goods under quarantine

Signage protects your business by raising awareness with those working in and around the Transitional Facility, preventing spread of contamination, and letting people know access is restricted to authorised persons only.

Transitional Facility signs should be placed in appropriate areas, such as entrance ways within your facility. It is important you have signs that are compliant, as these will be checked during your next MPI audit.


 How to order

Simply choose from one of our three pre-approved layouts (below), or contact us and we can arrange a quote for your specific requirements.

Download an order form including pricing details. Fill in the form specifying your requirements and fax your order to 0800 RETRAIN (0800 738 724)

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Transitional Facility Sign

  • White lettering on black background
  • Black lettering on white background
  • Available in two sizes:
    LARGE: 600mm x 450mm
    STANDARD: 450mm x 300mm
  • PVC option (from $59.00+GST)
  • Courier costs: North Island $15 + GST / South Island $25 + GST 

Caution Signs


  • CAUTION in white with black lettering below
  • Clearly states goods have not yet been cleared or are under quarantine
  • Available in one size 450mm x 300mm
  • PVC option (from $59.00+GST)
  • Courier costs: North Island $15 + GST / South Island $25 + GST 


 Get in touch

Please contact the Biosecurity Training & Support team to discuss your specific needs, on 0800 021 169 or email