Biosecurity Solutions for Importers

IVS combines industry knowledge with widespread expertise to help New Zealand importers meet market demands through effective and efficient biosecurity clearance systems.

As a biosecurity partner, IVS supports business growth and the development of New Zealand’s industry and economy.

IVS offers simple processes, easy-to-follow documentation and training programmes that build on your own in-house expertise and experience. We are committed to seeing New Zealand businesses succeed through the right biosecurity knowledge. This service model endorses the position of New Zealand’s leading transitional facility training provider.


Overview of biosecurity clearance process

Imported goods must be received in approved facilities and checked for contaminants before they can be approved by authorised personnel and released onto the New Zealand market.



IVS is New Zealand’s leading Independent biosecurity training provider for transitional facilities and provides a full range of support services for New Zealand importers, including:

When working with IVS, you have a biosecurity partner that considers your business’s individual needs. Simple processes allow you to operate easily within the New Zealand biosecurity system.


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