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IVS provides the full range of services associated with export certification for log and timber exporters helping with market access and making border security clearance a smooth and easy transition.


What is export certification and what do I need to do for forestry/timber products?

Export certification is the process required to raise a phytosanitary certificate (Phyto E-Cert) and includes the inspection and treatment of consignments where necessary. A phytosanitary certificate is an official government document that gives government-to-government assurance the correct procedures and processes have been undertaken, to provide certainty consignments are free of contaminants, have been inspected and are verified by an independent verification agency such as IVS.

A Phyto E-Cert confirms the exporter has met the Importing Countries Phytosanitary Requirements (ICPRs).

The IVS team are specialists in biosecurity solutions, complexities of international trade and country- specific requirements for the forestry and timber sector. We are here to provide full services for export certification and/or to work with you to assist in gaining export approval for your organisation. Our services include:

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'In the ever changing export market we find IVS can provide our company with the skills and services needed to move with every change. They are always on hand to offer sound and professional advice and have established themselves as a key company in the log export verification process.'

Nathan Musson, Logistics Manager

- Pacific Forest Products NZ Ltd
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