Forestry & Timber Export Services

IVS assists New Zealand exporters with global market access, through trusted and reliable product certification for the forestry, timber and horticultural industries.

The integrity of product certification is assured through IVS’s technical expertise in export verification, helping maintain international credibility and competitiveness.
IVS is an Independent Verification Agency (IVA) providing a full range of export services for New Zealand forestry and wood products exporters:

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IVS managed services simplifies the process for you

IVS acts as an independent agency to ensure each step taken to export goods is correct and verified.

The IVS team are specialists in biosecurity solutions, complexities of international trade and country specific requirements for the forestry and timber sector. We simplify your business requirements, reducing the frustration and ‘down time’, so your certification needs are expedited promptly.

Additional services, such as the 24 hour help line and free information updates, endorse IVS’ commitment to superior service delivery.

IVS is an independent body committed to seeing New Zealand business succeed with the right biosecurity services and support.

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