How to import sea containers

IVS offers advice and support for importers to meet the requirements of the MPI General Transitional Facilities (TFGEN) standard through simple processes, easy-to-follow documentation and training programmes.


What do I need to do to meet the biosecurity requirements of importing commodity goods into New Zealand?

To receive imported goods directly to your premises in New Zealand, your business must be approved and operating under processes and procedures as set by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI)*. MPI administers the New Zealand biosecurity system and sets regulations to protect the welfare of New Zealanders, our environment and our international trade relationships.


Overview of biosecurity clearance process for sea containers

When a sea container arrives into New Zealand it must be delivered to an MPI-approved Transitional Facility for inspection and devanning. Businesses importing goods regularly can be approved by MPI to operate their own Transitional Facility and have their own personnel conduct the biosecurity checks on the sea containers and their contents, in accordance with New Zealand regulatory requirements.


How can I become approved, to have imported goods in sea containers delivered to my place of business?

IVS helps you determine the fastest and most cost-effective way for goods to gain border clearance and release. In most cases, the overview of the process below will minimise delays. 



IVS provides support packages and guidance for New Zealand importers—to minimise disruption and ensure your consignments are expedited promptly. As a biosecurity solutions expert, our advice, information and support are available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. There are a number of different ways to gain and maintain MPI Transitional Facility approval. Engaging IVS ensures you have a biosecurity partner who considers your business individually, helping to simplify processes and allowing you to operate easily within the New Zealand biosecurity system.

IVS is an independent body committed to seeing New Zealand businesses succeed with the right biosecurity services and support.


*The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MPI) was renamed the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) on 30 April 2012.

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